Failure to Diagnose Fractures

Fractures can happen for a variety of reasons, from playing football at the park on a Saturday to slipping over in the snow or a traffic accident.

It is estimated that over 300,000 people are treated for fractures by the NHS every year.

Tests within hospitals these days are very good at identifying fractures as the equipment and procedures in place usually rule in or rule out a fracture very quickly. But sometimes things can go wrong.

Time constraints, poor processes, failure to order the correct tests and misreading x-rays can all lead to a missed fracture diagnosis.

Making a missed fracture diagnosis claim
If your fracture was not diagnosed properly, you may be feeling upset and let down. We can advise you on whether the care you received was negligent aswell as whether or not you may be entitled to missed fracture compensation.

We will explain each stage of the missed fracture claims process in a jargon-free manner and you will be under no obligation to take things further if you do not wish to. Our initial consultation is always free.

Contact our team to discuss your potential claim by email or call 0117 929 0451

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