Unfortunately, tenancies do not always run as they should and problems can arise. Your tenant may fall behind with rent, or refuse to leave when the tenancy is terminated, or cause you problems in other ways. 

This is when you may need support from us.

Our team understands your frustrations and the financial strains that you may be put under if your letting does not go smoothly. We will offer unbiased advice and guide you through each step of the eviction process, from serving statutory notice to end the tenancy, to issuing proceedings at Court for a possession order and obtaining an eviction warrant.

Free First Advice

Our first telephone advice is always free and is your opportunity to ask questions. Call us today to speak to one of our lawyers.

Fixed fees

We offer fixed fees for possession services which are broken down into steps. This means you can use us for the complete service or just for the aspects you particularly need help with. 

Please contact us and we will be able to discuss these services further with you.

Find out more about our Landlord Care Service.


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